How to sign up facebook account

by Rakesh

Facebook is been the most popular social networking site in the world. Millions of people used to connect with facebook by signing up and Facebook team is also putting all their efforts to make the site user friendly and full of applications to it. Let’s see how to sign up to Facebook account.


If you want to sign up for facebook you will have to simply go on  The page as shown above will appear and all you have to do is enter your name, birthday, gender, and email address. Then set your password and sign up process will be completed. You will get confirmation mail to the e-mail which you provided while signing up, just click the link in the mail to complete the confirmation procedure this confirmation process is important to know whether facebook is sending the information to right place and right person. To ensure that the Same person is using the mail which is furnished with the facebook account.

But if you are using the facebook account without confirming the mail. Automatically after three days you will not be able to log in until you finish the confirmation process.

After confirmation you need to verify the account, verifying the account enables you to upload the videos, photos. Also enables to set the username so that you don’t need to type the complete mail id in user id space.


To verify the account you have to log in and add your mobile no. to your account starting from your country code (ex. 91 for india). Facebook will send you a code as text message you have to enter the code into the space provided to verify the account.

Sign up is the one time process after which you have to LOG IN whenever you want to access facebook account. For logging in, only username and password is required. You can also log in with your mobile no.

After logging in for the first time the site will take you through several steps to help you set up your profile like your education, employer, relationship status, your permanent and current location etc.


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